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Favorite Posts of 2015

Yes, I have new goals to share but I’m still tweaking them. I’ve learned I need to put thought into the wording so I know what I have to do to reach the goals.

I’ll give you a peek! I’ve joined the Goodreads challenge again this year. My goal – 150books!!!

Now, as a review of last year, here are my favorite posts from each month last year.

January – Relationships and Communication

February – A Month to Forget

March – #TAMRTour

April – Reviewing Life – Relationships

May – Festival Fun

June – TransformAGING Webinars

July – Happy July

August – Come Rain or Come Shine – A Book Review

September – Hiking at Salt Springs

October – Bull City Race Fest Recap

November – Website Look

December – Post 50 Beginnings

What did I learn by doing this?

  1. I didn’t write nearly as much as I should have last year.
  2. I spent a lot of November reviewing books. I do love to read (see goal tease above).
  3. I need some serious blog goals for this year as I sort of stumbled my way through the year, which would have been great had it been on StumbleUpon.com.
  4. 2016 will be better than 2015.

Do you review posts from previous years? Do you have a favorite you have written?

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