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I know! You’ve had enough of hashtags. Why did I put one in my title?

Last night I took the 75-80 mile drive up Interstate 81 to Syracuse to catch the second stop on the Tales from Another Mother Runner book tour. This is much better than the trip to Albany in May of 2013 to meet the authors and leaders of the Mother Runner tribe, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. Top that off with a March day that was perfect for driving – at least on the way there as it rained on the way home – and I was so happy to be on the road.

Couldn't wait and ran out and bought this the day after it was available.
Couldn’t wait and ran out and bought this the day after it was available.

Add to my excitement about seeing Dimity and Sarah again the fact that I was going to get to meet Adrienne Martini who writes on the AnotherMotherRunner.com website and Renee from Bendifulblog.com. You all have to know Renee and I first met virtually a little over three years ago when my mother order a watch off her site for me for Christmas. Next in the virtual meetings was my daughter winning tickets to a country concert from a company for which Renee was doing  social media. We just never seemed to connect in person even though we live less than a hundred miles apart.

Dimity and Sarah
Dimity and Sarah

The book tour included a scavenger hunt to get a free bumper sticker. There was also all kinds of Another Mother Runner merchandise available for purchase. Probably the best part of the evening was hearing Dimity and Sarah read from the third book along with Adrienne reading her contribution to the book. Let’s not forget giveaways. Upon entering everyone received a raffle ticket. Sponsors of Sarah and Dimity’s website had products that were given away. As if that were not enough, swag bags were the cherry on this mother sundae.

Swag brought home in the Swag Bag
Swag brought home in the Swag Bag



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