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Post 50 Beginnings

My good friend BigLittleWolf has had a running series on her blog, Daily Plate of Crazy, about starting over at 50. While I may not have been following all the steps she talks about, I am going to start over next year and I am definitely 50+ (my 55th birthday will occur on the 15th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the US).

I will put links to BLW’s pieces at the end here but am going to tell you what I have done to start over.

First and foremost, I have made peace with the past. My divorce, which was a long time coming as we were separated for 16+ years, is final. The last of the legal pieces will be taken care of shortly. I will use a portion of this final piece to pay off debt I incurred during our separation. I will be set to start over with little issues.

Second, I have started looking at work opportunities in the area I want to move to and settle in. I have applied for several positions there, including a few that would be traditional employment. I realize that is not what I am use to but it is a possibility for a new start.

Third, I already have friends in the area. I have visited multiple times. I am slowly acclimating myself to the intricacies of the outlying parts of the city I want to call home. I am, almost weekly, perusing rental properties so I have an idea what I will need for a start to a rental.

This move is a long time coming but it is not at all a surprise to most who know me. Most people know that important to me are four seasons and outdoor activities. I will found both in this new location.

If you want additional information, check out these pieces by my friend.

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