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I’m always up for a good festival on a beautiful summer weekend. Last year I discovered this spring festival in Pennsylvania. Montrose is not far from where I live in New York. The fact that the festival celebrates two of my favorite things – chocolate and wine – makes Montrose even close.

Last year my wine tasting had to be limited as I had a photo gig the night of the festival but this year the weekend was free for festival partaking. I even managed to keep some information from the various wineries, even though the early visited ones got soaked during a thunderstorm. The rain didn’t dampen the time had by those under the tents.

Let’s talk about good wine. Like my beer tastes, my wine tastes tend to be a bit snobby. I am not a real sweet wine drinker, preferring a dry wine when I can get one. I also prefer my wine to taste like grapes, not blueberry or watermelon. I am, though, open to trying almost anything.

Antler Ridge Winery was one of the first stops. I really loved their Merlot and the Island Breeze. Now, the Merlot is to be expected. Not so sure what called to me about Island Breeze but I did like it.


Grovedale Winery was next on my list of stops. We started the tasting from this particular winery with Tetra, the driest red they had. Probably should have ended with this but I loved it. The Merlot was also good. We also tried the St Pepin, which is very apple and pear tasting but for a hot summer day, it would be wonderful served very cold. The Frontenac Gris surprised me as I could not tell you the last time I had a rose wine. It was delicious.


Capra Collina Winery has a sweet wine, not too sweet but too much for my liking, called Therapy. Who doesn’t want a wine that has the word Therapy on the label? I enjoyed the Black Forest which is a chocolate port and cherry wine blend. It is sweet but would be nice with dessert. Their Reisling was good, very dry. Also, Nebbiolo is a dry red in a the traditional Italian type of wine.

I sampled wines from Maiolatesi Wine Cellars. They have a lot of really sweet wines. Most were too sweet for my liking but a few of their dry wines were hits with me: the Naked Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, the Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend and the Syrah/Cabernet Franc blend.

Red Shale Ridge Vineyards had a good semi-dry called Leon Millot. I also enjoyed their Pinot Gris.

Tucked off in a corner was Sand Castle Winery. They were tasting a sangria and a white called Alpine Spice. The Alpine Spice was being served both cold and heated. The warm one had me wishing for winter which just got over.


Nimble Hill Vineyards was my last place to stop. I took a ton of photos of the entertainment and this location was close so I could try a wine and snap some photos. I really liked their Reisling according to my notes.


I am thinking a PA Wine Tour is coming up.

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