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Reading and Writing

Have you ever asked a writer, someone who writes prolifically whether for money or for joy, if they ever read? You will find that good writers read all the time.

I am a voracious reader. I average 20 to 25 books a month when I am not at a peak training period for a race. It used to be just the opposite for me. I had certain books I read every summer. I would then take 20 to 30 dollars and buy mass market paperbacks for additional summer reads. While that would not be a lot of books over the summer, I would find it to be enough. The reads were all escapism in its finest.

About 18 months ago, I found myself in need of a new laptop. The one I had, while still perfectly functional as a computer, would not hold a charge. I know a new battery would be a less expensive solution but that machine was already four years old. I opted for a new two-in-one laptop that I could take apart and utilize as a tablet also. With this purchase and the use of Windows 8, I was introduced to the Kindle app. I know I can get it on the old system also but it was not put there for me to discover. And discover, with Windows 8, I did.

I currently have over 1100 titles in my Kindle library. Many of the books are non-fiction – business books, cookbooks, physiology books. The majority of the books are novels. I’ve read all sorts of books I would probably not have picked up in a book store. I have read romances, historical fiction, contemporary fiction. I love having the ability to find free Kindle books and put them in my library for when I am ready to read.

Unfortunately, I also found my personal balance beam tipping. I would read to the detriment of my writing. I would run and then read. I would read one book in a series and then have to read the entire series. I have found that I need to balance my writing and my reading. I am hoping this is a start to that balance. I am writing more here and writing more on a novel. Look for some book reviews coming up as I have several new releases I am loving and also several authors that I want to read everything they have written.

Do you read? Do you write? Is the connection between the two staring you in the face? How do you balance a love of both reading and writing?

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