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Here’s to 2016!

I am certainly glad to move on from 2015. I’ve held off six days to formulate this post for several reasons.

First, I wanted to give it lots of thought. I did but do not know that it had helped. Second, I’ve been extremely busy clearing out my house for the major move that is coming. This is not going all that well but is plodding along. Third, my computer froze up yesterday. My older laptop seems to not want to type the letter A. In a pinch, my phone works.


I will not run any full marathons this year.  My recovery takes too long these days. I may revisit this goal but doubt it will change this year.

I will end the year with a combined mileage of 2016. When I say combined, I mean all the miles – running, cycling, walking, swimming. Ideally, running and cycling will be equal.

I will embrace strength training. The combined mileage goal will take care of cross training. I will strength train at least once a week.


I will see my oldest get married. The wedding is May 7th. Shopping for my dress with the bride-to-be and her mother February 13th.

I will move to the greater Asheville area. This move is in the works.


The final piece of my divorce will be taken filed. A qualified domestic relations order is required to split my ex-husband’s retirement. I am signing it this week.

I will pay of one Parent Plus loan. 

I will continue to put money in a savings account for a rainy day. I have tried all kinds of programs. This will be a wide open one where I add money at the end of each month.


I will find and join an Asheville CSA. I loved the CSA I had many summers ago. I’ve started researching ones in Asheville.

I will menu plan. 

I will eat whole, healthy foods. 

I have specific goals for this blog but will save those for another day. Typing  on a phone is not my thing.


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