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Join a Running Club

With the beginning of each new year comes the reminder to renew my membership to my local running club. If you are a runner, you should do the same. Below is a piece I wrote several years ago. If a membership in your local running club was not on your holiday wish list, consider joining now.

Looking south into Otsiningo Park where some TCRC races take place
Looking south into Otsiningo Park where some TCRC races take place


There’s one thing missing on all these open tabs in my browser that are entitled something along the lines of what runners want for Christmas. That one thing is the one thing I think every runner should want. What is it you ask and why is it so important but lacking in most of the lists I’ve seen? I can answer at least half of that if you stick with me.


Every runner, whether a seasoned speedster or a newbie that still has trouble calling herself a runner, should belong to his or her local runners’ club. Membership is generally, at least in cities like Binghamton, around $20 and does include a small discount on races the club runs. I’m going to talk in general terms below about some of the “perks” of being a member of my local running club. Your mileage, as they say, may vary but I strongly suggest checking the club near you out.  


On the TCRC, my local club, application it states:

The Triple Cities Runners Club (TCRC) promotes and supports competitive and fitness running in Binghamton, NY and the surrounding area. It provides insurance to all TCRC sponsored races as well as many other local affiliated races. It also provides finish line services and/or equipment rental to many of the local races.


That’s the big picture. We all like to know how we have raced so having a someone who helps with races is important. But here are the things that TCRC offers for the individual runner.

  • Group runs
  • Subscription to Tortoise and Hare, local newsletter
  • $2 off certain TCRC sponsored races ( I think this  year I have run 3 races that offered this discount), free entry in the January Freeze 10K Series, free entry in TCRC summer track meets


When I first started running, I was that person who had a really hard time calling myself a runner. Now, I embrace the term and love the friends I have made through TCRC.  ( get together to run, to bowl, to drink. We support each other at races.


So, when  you are making out your runner’s wish list, be sure to include membership in your local runner’s club. You’ll be very happy you did! If you didn’t, like I said above, join now!

This post first appear on when I blogged for that site.


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