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I often wonder what the best look is for my site. I have fewer and fewer photos to share as my camera is still in the possession of the New York State Police. I am hoping that it will be returned before my California trip in January, but if not, I will manage without it.

Anyway, back to the look question. I frequently change the “theme” I use. WordPress has a large number of themes to choose from and many are free. With the holidays upon us, I am thinking I need to change things up once again. Does anyone have a favorite theme?

I’m also treating the website like my home. While I need to clean before decorating for the holidays – that living room chair needs to be somewhere else so a tree will fit, I need to occasionally clean my website. I need to eliminate dead links and need to make sure all the pages are up to date.

Do you, as a website owner, change the overall appearance of your site frequently? Do you do regular “housecleaning?” What are you favorite things to try to keep up with as far as tasks associated with a website?

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