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A Week In … #HolidaySweat

Last week, I set out in the eighth annual #HolidaySweat program. This is a program that aims to keep us all active over this holiday time when usually self-care and exercise or eating right are the first things to be dropped as we get ready for huge meals with family and friends.

I set a goal last week of 12 hours of exercise. My exercise consisted of Pilates, cycling, running and walking. I did not meet my goal but I was close. I exercised for 10 hours and 53 minutes. I knew by Thursday I had overestimated my time to exercise but I gave it a good shot.

You see, I am also participating in #100miles in November with my friend Angie from Iowa. There was a special drawing of all who had reached 45 miles by the 15th so instead of going for an hour or more bike ride on Sunday, I went out for a three mile run to get over 45 miles. I now have 55 miles to go to make 100 miles in a month for the first time this year.

I am also doing massive cleaning out of things in my home. As I have said at least once here, I am plotting a major move by June of next year. To facilitate that, I need to get rid of “stuff” of which I seem to have a lot. I am slowly working through things to give away or take to good will. This is hard as I have certain things that belonged to my mother and grandmothers and do not want to leave such things behind but they are not really functional things. We’ll see what I decide but for now I am tackling books and stamps.

Do you purge your belongings regularly? Are you participating in #HolidaySweat or #100miles? What core work are you doing this week if you are a #HolidaySweat person?

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