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A Week In … #HolidaySweat

Last week, I set out in the eighth annual #HolidaySweat program. This is a program that aims to keep us all active over this holiday time when usually self-care and exercise or eating right are the first things to be dropped as we get ready for huge meals with family and friends. I set a… Continue reading A Week In … #HolidaySweat

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Daily Schedule

I joined the #startrightendright challenge for the month of August. I don’t think I start my day off poorly. I get up and start making coffee. I head into my living room and generally turn on the local news. I do some quick meditation and then some brain work (I prefer jigsaw puzzles but anything… Continue reading Daily Schedule

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Your Friends and Family and Their Health

You have spent all kinds of time changing your diet, exercising to get more fit, changing your lifestyle to be healthier.  Now, what about your friends and family?  Do you encourage or discourage them with your changes?   I get daily emails from and a recent one stuck in my mind – and in… Continue reading Your Friends and Family and Their Health

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Exercise and the Holidays

I am finding that it is harder and harder to work my workout into my life now that Christmas is less than a week away. Friday, I shoveled – TWICE – so counted that as my workout. Yesterday, nothing between running kids around and concerts.  It was my choice to go to these events.  I… Continue reading Exercise and the Holidays

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What do you keep track of?

People all over exercise and do it for a variety of reasons.  It has been just about one year since I wrote about how you measure progress.  At that time, I did not have the ability to weigh myself at home so did it every couple of months.  I seriously still do not weigh in… Continue reading What do you keep track of?