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I have always felt a little selfish, running and taking all this time for training and doing it all for myself. My biggest problem is that I never could choose between all the wonderful causes out there that I would like to support. I tried to do what I could by helping others, donating when I could. I have to say that even in my non-running life, I tend to be a “do” something or volunteer my time as opposed to “money” or donate cash.

Enter Charity Miles. Charity Miles is a free app available in both the Apple and Android formats. You start the app when you start your run, walk or bike ride. To start, you choose a charity to benefit from your physical activity. There are a variety of different types of charities that you can choose from: Habitat for Humanity, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Feeding America to name a few.

When you finish your activity, you accept the sponsorship and are giving the opportunity to share your charity via Facebook and Twitter, thereby spreading the word about the charity you chose and Charity Miles itself.

If you are already doing some form of physical activity, the only thing that will be different is you need to run with your smartphone. For many of us, this is a safety issue anyway so not a change. I cannot say enough about Charity Miles as I live in a very rural area and frequently lose phone service – and many times, GPS signal. Someone at Charity Miles does help me out on occasion and has been very good about my questions.

If you are heading out to run, walk or bike today, download the Charity Miles app and make your exercise benefit not only you but also a charity of your choice. Also, if you are reading this on January 8th in the morning, check out NBC at approximately 10:40 am ET for a spot on Charity Miles.

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