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It’s time for a stroll down memory lane.  I took this stroll last night.  I was watching some Olympic coverage on NBC.  I have to admit I try hard to not watch NBC coverage.  I find Canadian coverage much better for actually covering the sports.  NBC is lacking, missing events, doing a lot of human… Continue reading Memories!

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Is NBC right for the NHL?

Yes, I am sure the money is right.  If nothing else is important to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, money is.  The bigger question is “is the television contract with NBC good for recruiting new and more hockey fans?” I would say emphatically NO after the past two days.  First off, this year’s Stanley Cup Championship… Continue reading Is NBC right for the NHL?

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Is this a smart thing to say?

I realize the democratic party is worried about getting itself unified if a frontrunner is not clearly defined soon.  But should one of those running for the party’s nomination say that those who vote after March 4, 2008 don’t matter. “Now we’ve got to campaign hard in Texas and Ohio. But after March 4th, I… Continue reading Is this a smart thing to say?