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I signed up for my friend Angie’s 100 miles in November. Let’s just say this was a major fail this November. I didn’t even hit 25 miles – maybe the reason I picked a photo where you can’t really see me for this – as I had a ton to do this past month and running was not fitting into the picture.

That said, I’m starting over on December 1. I have realized that I need running – or some sort of exercise. You may say so what is the big deal. All of us need exercise.

Well, let’s start with my annual physical in November. I have gained unnecessary weight. It is not good for me to be as heavy as I am. Running helped with keeping the weight off.

Now, let’s go on to other numbers the doctor went over. My fasting blood sugar was high. Not horrible as a one off but both of my parents were type 2, adult onset diabetics. I always swore I was running away from heredity and it appears I was correct.

I going to start December with runs and walks and bike rides scheduled into my days. I already have several days when I know I will not be able to get any activity in but I want those empty days – not really empty but more open – to have exercise scheduled.


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