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Movement Streak

Oh yes! I recall saying I was going to do the Runner’s World streak from Memorial Day to July 4th. Well, I didn’t even move every day in there.

I ran some distance every day the first week. And the second week. The third week I ran six days. That gives me 20 days in a row so far. And so it went. Until a week in the middle of June that, for the life of me, I cannot explain why I only ran one day.

Did the streak do what it is suppose to do? I suppose. It gave me a shove to get out the door for a run. It was motivating … until it wasn’t. I do not recall any pain or other issues. Looking back at my calendar, I had a normal amount of work the week that I only ran once and only three miles. It just happened.

Am I about to embark on another streak? No. The next Runner’s World streak is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. While that is a time that I need all the motivation I can get, I do not like the premise of running every day in the winter. Weather is too harsh here to guarantee that ability to get on the road daily. I dislike running inside. I just don’t think I will do that holiday streak.

What motivates you to get out the door to exercise after years of doing it? Do you participate in streaks?

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