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Adding to my Training

I have spent a lot of time since 2007 running. There has been some swimming, a little kick boxing and a few other exercises that help me with my running but I have concentrated on running mostly. I am not a big racer but have run quite a few since my first 5K in December of 2009. Now, I have started running a bit less and cycling more.

Back in April, I took my bike – I realize I need to name my bike as I name other things but have no idea what to call him – to the local bike shop for a tune-up. This tune-up was almost like buying a new, really cheap bike. I got the bike as a wedding present from my then-husband 31 years ago. I rode while pregnant and actually rode distance quite frequently when I was first married. My kids took pieces – saddle mostly – from my bike for theirs over the years. The bike had had little maintenance done on it in its 31 year existence.

My Bike, pre-tune up
My Bike, pre-tune up

This baby now has new tubes and tires. I have had the old water bottle holder – it was a big velcro thing and the accompanying bottle had velcro on it – removed and a new one put on. I bought a new saddle as, since getting the bike in 1984 I have had tailbone issues so I wanted a more cushioned seat.

Since picking up the bike on the 17th, I have ridden 97 miles. If I had realized I was that close, I would have ridden the extra three before saying that. Last week, between running, walking and cycling, I hit a 93 mile week. I am getting much more exercise and feeling much better for it.

On top of being exercise, I can use the bike to get the three point something mile ride to the grocery store. I can get to the post office on it – I live between two POs with each being about four miles away. I love having a bike that I can ride without worries.

Now, I’m spending some time getting used to shifting – which has always been my nemesis – and other bike maintenance. I started a new Pinterest board to keep all these tidbits in one location. Currently, it has basics about gears but I will be adding routes and maintenance tips.

Do you own a bike? How long have you cycled? What do you love about it or not like at all?

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