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Asheville Half Marathon – Race Recap

It’s Wednesday. The race was Sunday. I feel like I am already behind on a recap but today is my last recovery day. Probably not totally necessary as I had barely trained for this race so why should I recover. In a complete opposite from last year, the weather preceding race day is not spectacular.… Continue reading Asheville Half Marathon – Race Recap

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Hiking and the Blue Ridge Parkway

I have always looked back at my time in Roanoke last year with only one regret. I ran on the Blue Ridge Parkway but didn’t get to drive any of it. If it had been a different season when I was in Asheville mid-March, I would have driven the Blue Ridge between the two cities… Continue reading Hiking and the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Hambletonian Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay

Hambletonian Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay, a set on Flickr. Where, oh where, did I go? Absolutely nowhere. Not this past weekend but the weekend before was very busy. I was longing for a quiet week but that was not to happen due to the activities of the weekend. I photographed at mile 21… Continue reading Hambletonian Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay