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Hambletonian Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay


Where, oh where, did I go? Absolutely nowhere. Not this past weekend but the weekend before was very busy. I was longing for a quiet week but that was not to happen due to the activities of the weekend.

I photographed at mile 21 of an inaugural marathon on Sunday, October 20th. First I was up early to eat and then drive the approximately two and a half hours to the race. I seldom drive that far unless for a race these days but when the kids were in college, I would make round trips like this all the time. I, then, checked out the sun and shade – not even thinking it would probably change drastically as I was there for over three hours – and decided where I would position myself since I was to be sure I got photos of the middle leg relay runners.

The thing that took up most of my time last week was editing all these photos. I had over 2900 photos on my camera. Granted there were probably about 400 that were either no good or taken for my own use – photos of the hillsides, the geese flying overhead, the railway depot in Chester. I still needed to upload and edit all of these and then get them online where the runners could see them.

I kept thinking I would take a break and write a blog post. Instead I would take a break and take a nap or go for a run or do housework or make dinner. Needless to say, blog posts took a back seat all week. Good news is that being at a marathon re-inspired me for my November goal race for fall.

I promise I am back to a regular posting schedule.

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