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Winter Has Arrived

Not sure where you live but Winter Storm Boreas – if you follow weather, you may have noticed last winter The Weather Channel began naming winter storms – is giving upstate NY an early taste of winter. How early you may ask? Well, we have had snow earlier than this but not the bitter cold… Continue reading Winter Has Arrived

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Richmond Marathon – Recapping Race Day

Grab a warm beverage. I truly recommend cocoa or herbal tea today as it is cold, January type of cold, here in Upstate NY. This will probably be long. I took a Greyhound bus, actually two, to Richmond so was without a car. At first, I didn’t think that was going to be a problem… Continue reading Richmond Marathon – Recapping Race Day

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Richmond Marathon – Race Recap Friday Expo

Grab a warm beverage, especially if you live near me in the northeast, as this recap will be long. I have spent the last week trying to figure how/why the wheels came off last Saturday in Richmond. Last year, the week after the Richmond Marathon had taken place, I told my sister that I would… Continue reading Richmond Marathon – Race Recap Friday Expo