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Monday Coffee

This post is going to be a little bit of this and that, including a winner for my #runBlueRidge contest.

The Star - which I could also see from my hotel room window - a sight on the Blue Ridge course in 2013
The Star – which I could also see from my hotel room window – a sight on the Blue Ridge course in 2013

I took out all the chit chat in the comments of my giveaway and counted up the comments. I then put the number in a random number generator and got number 13 as the winner. Tim Bird, contact me via Twitter or through the contact page here on my site to get the code to register yourself for Blue Ridge! See you in April.

Number 13 is lucky!
Number 13 is lucky!

Thanksgiving week is upon us. I am busy making many dishes ahead of time. This year we will be eating a bit later than usual. I am adjusting for people who are coming in from out of town. My sister is not leaving NJ until Thursday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday we are expecting a winter storm so it is possible my son and daughter-in-law will not leave the Buffalo area on Wednesday night after work as planned right now. They can wait and leave on Thursday morning also. Do you make dishes, not just desserts, in advance of major holiday meals?

Elf for Health starts today.  I participated last year in the first Elf for Health. I am so glad I am participating this year. Below is a list of the daily challenges for the next four weeks. It is not too late to join. You can sign up by clicking the image below and start with an elf two weeks in. You can always do the daily challenges for the first two weeks and follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

Elf for Health Challenges
Elf for Health Challenges


There is also the Runners’ World Holiday Run Streak. I am not totally sure I am streaking this year but I may. I do not like running every day. My body needs a break every now and then. Have you ever participated in a running streak?

Today is busy as I want to go to several things this evening: State Education Commissioner forum from 6-8 which will probably get missed and a foam rolling clinic at Confluence Running at 8 pm. Not missing that one.

Last, but certainly not least, happy birthday to my first born! 29 years ago today I experienced labor for the first time. Little did I know there would be four other pregnancies after that and five more children.


Have a great holiday week! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah!



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