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Meaningful Beauty -A Product Review

I received Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum from Influenster. I am not required to blog about the product but liked it so much I have chosen to do so. Shortly after mid-November, I started using Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum. I’m always skeptical of “beauty” products as I have always had sensitive skin when talking… Continue reading Meaningful Beauty -A Product Review

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Journey to Health Insurance

I have had continual health insurance until December 5th. My divorce was finalized on 12/5/13 and my health insurance abruptly stopped on that exact date. No grace period. The COBRA letter came on the 20th with the price tag of $621 a month. During Divorce Negotiations I knew this was in the future so, in… Continue reading Journey to Health Insurance

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Sounds of the Season

I am not talking about the horn honking from someone being cut off in the mall parking lot. I’m also not talking about the screaming from one driver at another because of the traffic. I’m talking about Christmas and other holiday music. I am that person who would play Christmas music all year round but,… Continue reading Sounds of the Season


Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!

Yesterday I was going through my posts looking for a post about who knows what. The issue appeared that I had missed my blog’s birthday or the anniversary of the start of my blog. I should put in a reminder now for next year as I know it comes in November but I never remember… Continue reading Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!