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Twitter & Facebook & Pinterest…Oh my!

Social media! There are many more platforms than those three in my title but all I can say is oh my! My latest catch is odd hashtags – odd as in innuendo-based – for corporate accounts. I opened Twitter this morning to see the hashtag #itsOKtoswallow on a company’s tweet. While I understand the use… Continue reading Twitter & Facebook & Pinterest…Oh my!

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Stitches – A Book Review

I read Anne Lamott’s newest book, Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair, back in October of last year. The book hit shelves the end of October. My reading was prior to its release date thanks to Penguin’s First to Read program. Do you know how to sew? Do you care? What happens when… Continue reading Stitches – A Book Review

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This and That, Training-wise

The new year has started off great as far as training is going. I am preparing for the inaugural running of the Asheville Half Marathon at Biltmore Estates in March and, after a good look at elevations, I think this half could end up being a PR for me. I am aiming to slowly knock… Continue reading This and That, Training-wise

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Another Health Care Insurance Adventure

I do realize that states make some laws and the federal government makes others. In some cases, the federal government turns a blind eye – rightfully so – to states where the state law may be in direct conflict with the federal law. While I agree with that in many cases, I am having a… Continue reading Another Health Care Insurance Adventure

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Hey there, New Year!

Who doesn’t love a new slate? A blank page? Okay, people who have a block for writing may not like a blank page but truthfully, there is nothing but possibility in newness. In starting over. In starting again. A new day. A new week. A new year. Of course, those new beginnings are made so… Continue reading Hey there, New Year!