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I have been thinking about many things lately and so here they all are. And, to indicate that I may be battling a winter cold – I have felt like I am battling such for about a week now – I actually did not stay up and watch, listen to the State of the Union address last night. That will play out a bit further down.

I am loving getting ready for my first big race of the year. No, I am not running a spring marathon but I am running the inaugural  half marathon at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. While it is totally possible this race will be in winter conditions, I am hoping for a nice half that is in mid-40s. I have been off my training mark the past few weeks due to our lovely frigid weather but I am going to try to keep on things from here on out.

If you are a pacing fiend and love to pace full marathons, Asheville is still looking for some good pacers. Let me know.

I am getting a little grouchy at a statement, and I am paraphrasing as I said previously that I didn’t watch the State of the Union, made during the president’s address. Basically, he said that if Congress doesn’t work on what he wants done, he will sign executive orders to enact certain items into law. This is not the way our country was set up. While I understand some use of executive order, a blanket statement such as this is not what was originally envisioned. Of that, I am sure.

I am slowly getting taxes done for myself and two of my grown children. Once these are done, I will also make sure the youngest gets his FAFSA in for his upcoming year of studies.

My business has taken off in a new direction this year. New year, new direction. I guess it works. I have had less and less luck finding freelance writing gigs but have had pretty good luck with freelance photography gigs. I am not a great photographer but I am getting better. To enhance my abilities, I am reading some digital photography books and am working on getting a class or two taken on such.

How has your year started? What do you think of taxes, FAFSA or the State of the Union?


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