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A Month Gone By

I cannot believe that the first month of 2014 has already gone flying past. I do not know where the month went. My sights for the year are set high and the only bar I am moving closer to with great strides seems to be reading.

I ran no races in the month of January. I did, though, run 68 miles towards my run this year bar. I have yet to move on the Pilates three times a week. I do not know where January got to.

I read 20 books in January and have already put away another two in February. I do not think 50 books is going to be hard to surpass in the least.

I made a menu plan the first two weeks of the year. I even turned them into blog posts. Unfortunately, following the meal plans went by the wayside and I stopped planning. I am going to get back into the planning again as I need to have better fuel for my running.

I was right on track three weeks into the year on my savings plan. I have since spent all but $6 as I waited for payment from a client to show up. Now I am replacing the money I spent so my savings will be on track.

How are your goals coming along one month into this year?

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