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As I sit here waiting for the live stream of NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State to begin, I realize I have been dreaming up blog posts in my mind but not getting them down on the blog. There are a number of reasons for this.

Christmas Spending/January Debt

Like a lot of people, I find the month after Christmas to be one where I am stretched for cash. My domain subscription has expired. It is not a huge cost but I should have taken care of it in November or December when I had the money. Now, I just do not have the extra cash laying around for that small fee.


Number two, I have been floored by international – namely coming out of Iraq – news. My son has a very good friend from Boy Scouts. His friend is a year or two older than he is. He went into the Marines out of high school, sometime around 2000-2002 (I’m lucky I can remember when my own kids graduated from college. Do not ask me to remember when someone else’s child graduated). This friend is building a great life post Marine Corps. He went to college, got married, has a good job. Every time I see or hear the town/city of Fallujah in the news, my thoughts go to him. How is he, how are others who fought those first bloody battles in that town dealing with it falling to Al Qaeda?

Of course, I was interrupted by the Governor. That man has one great staff or is himself a great marketer. While I thought the speech was long, I have to remind myself the governor only spoke about an hour. The other half hour was other people speaking. I have been more drawn to want to watch State of the State addresses this past year as the presentations that accompany the speech are usually very interesting.

Baseball Hall of Fame

In the process of waiting for the State of the State – or maybe during as I plugged in earbuds and caught reaction on Twitter as I was listening – I found out who was voted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Inductees from the eligible players will be Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas. I am really excited and may even make the trek to Cooperstown for induction weekend or day. I haven’t been to Cooperstown since 1973 when I went to the Hall of Fame Game, then played on the Monday following inductions. That was the year that the writers waived the five year post playing career rule and voted Roberto Clemente in posthumously. My dad got tickets to the game and we went and saw it, as I said the Monday after the induction.

I thought, after starting off so well last week, I was going to manage to get back to posting regularly here on the blog. It looks like I do not like to type during cold spells. I have also been working quite a bit on projects – both work and personal. I have a recipe to post soon and will get a few other things off my mind in the near future. That means they will end up here.

What do you like to write about on your blog? Do you ever write things you do not think people want to read? 

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