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Food for the Week

Last week’s meal planning went quickly by the wayside. I made it two days into the week before going off kilter. With another cold snap coming up this week, I am glad as some of what I was going to make will be shifted to this week.

Sunday  – Tacos (ground chicken for the kids and either tofu for me or just refried beans)

Monday – Chili (one veggie and one with ground chicken)

Tuesday – Potato Soup (some with either ham or bacon on it) Both boys are working so this may be a leftover night for my daughter and I.

Wednesday – Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes (I’ll have leftovers)

Thursday – Meatloaf, Roasted Root Veggies

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – leftovers as both boys work

Can you tell that ground chicken was on sale?

Let’s see how this week goes.

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