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This week is the beginning of the SITS Girl’s building a tribe. I signed up to do this blog building exercise for two reason. First, it is only a week which will keep my attention. When I sign up for month long blogging events, I tend to lose interest or clump things together on a specific weekend or whatever. Second, I have been in a bit of a blogging slump so I figured this might help me get into blogging more consistently. One week, seven days. We’ll see.

To sign up, you needed to pick a niche for your blog. I picked general. I would call my blog a lifestyle blog. I do not concentrate totally on fitness, though my running is a huge part of the blog. I do not concentrate solely on food, though I do post about my eating and recipes that I and my family like. I am not sure that the niche of general was what I should have chosen but I will roll with it.

Today’s challenge was to comment on all the blogs. I have to say I had troubles. One blog’s most recent post was November. Two blogs were in a foreign language. One blog required more registration than I was comfortable with leaving. I commented where I felt comfortable but that was the end of it.

Tomorrow is a Pinterest day. If you are not on Pinterest, let me know. I know I have invitations, if they are still needed. When I signed up, I had to wait to be offered membership but now, I cannot imagine online life without Pinterest. You can find all my boards here

Then, comes Facebook, Google + and Twitter. I am on all of these formats so come join me.

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