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As you may have heard many places, an attitude of gratitude helps make life better. The challenge to end the second week of Elf for Health is to list out 20 items/people/places/things you are grateful for.

    1. My health – while I may not be an ideal weight, I am healthy and enjoy life.
    2. My children – all six of them – they each bring different joys to my life
    3. My daughters-in-law – both of them – not only do they both make children of mine very happy, I love them!
    4. Running – being able to run helps keep me healthy and sane
    5. Books – I love to read and still buy actual books.
    6. My house – I rent and can still, after 15 years, afford to live here.
    7. Insurance – which I have had through my now ex-husband for years but I will still have, though different from what I am use to, through the Affordable Care Act of 2010 now
    8. My business – I have worked doing a lot of things. I love working for myself. If you are looking for a writer, editor or any  help with social media, give me a shout.
    9. My friends here locally – I have all kinds of friends here where I live – those who run, those who don’t, those from my children’s lives (daycare, teachers, parents of friends).
    10. My friends in other locales – I have been very fortunate to meet many people when I travel. I am already looking forward to meeting new folks next year.
    11. My faith – while I may question church dogma – because I think all major institutions should be questioned – I never waiver in having faith and a relationship with God
    12. Food – I love to cook and I love to eat. Top that with the fact that my children also love to cook and at least two of them have made food and cooking their livelihood.
    13. The outdoors – I have always loved being able to go outside and do a variety of activities. Now I include running in that but, even in winter, I love the outdoors.
    14. Music – All kinds of music from professional to that at a local school or church. Music makes life better.
    15. A sense of humor – mine is sometimes warped but at least my children understand me.
    16. My ex – mostly because I can legally call him my ex now.
    17. Technology – Now if I could only convince my children that they have access to technology and should use it to let me know where they are and when they will be home (the joy of parenting adults).
    18. My mom and stepdad – These are my parents.
    19. My sisters
    20. Water – we all tend to take water for granted. I know that there are those in the world who do not have access to clean, drinkable water.

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