Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!

Yesterday I was going through my posts looking for a post about who knows what. The issue appeared that I had missed my blog’s birthday or the anniversary of the start of my blog. I should put in a reminder now for next year as I know it comes in November but I never remember when exactly.

Back on November 15th, 2005, I started blogging. I was not using WordPress then. I was posting on Yahoo! 360 that was sort of like Tumblr. Unfortunately, not a lot of people used Yahoo! 360  and it was a service that Yahoo! discontinued. I looked at all the various options and landed here at WordPress.

I have concentrated a lot of blogging on parenting and on education. Recently my posts circle around fitness, running and food. I share what I want. I have opinions on a lot of things and those opinions end up here. I have had times when I was unsure if I could post things because I was an elected official or because what would my kids say.

How long have you been blogging? 

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