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I have to say I am amazed I am here making a new post. Things have just suddenly accumulated on me and this is not on my priority list. But, you come here and read so I am making this a priority. I’ve been looking, for several months now, at different freelance opportunities. I wanted to try to increase my business but have had so many different… Continue reading Blog?


Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!

Yesterday I was going through my posts looking for a post about who knows what. The issue appeared that I had missed my blog’s birthday or the anniversary of the start of my blog. I should put in a reminder now for next year as I know it comes in November but I never remember… Continue reading Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!

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It’s Official

Friday evening I got the news. I had applied to be an “official” – sometimes I love quotation marks – #RunChat blogger. I have realized that this blog is getting to be more and more about my running so why not take the leap. The application process was fairly simple, as applications go. I even… Continue reading It’s Official

Just my Thoughts

What To Blog About?

This post has been weighing on my mind.  When I started blogging at Yahoo! 360, I didn’t write all that frequently.  When I moved to WordPress, I started writing more often.  There have been days when I have put up three or more posts – short but still.  Then, Yahoo! announced 360 was closing.  There… Continue reading What To Blog About?