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March? Already? Really?


Where have the first two months of the year gone?  I can’t seem to figure out what has happened as it is March and it doesn’t seem – other than when looking out the window – that it could possibly truly be March.

I just updated the family calendar with a variety of upcoming commitments.  March is looming as a big month here at Chez Nicki.  I am running my first half marathon.  I am also going to a couple of different lectures at local universities and other locations.  #6 is in the midst of drama rehearsal for the high school’s production of “Our Town” mid-April.  #6 is being confirmed on March 18th.  My absolutely favorite high school concert of the year is the Prism Concert which is in March this year.  Work is ramping up to be very busy.  The growing season is getting closer – well, at least in some parts of the world.

The past two months have been filled with work and family, training and a 5K race, fun and frivolity.  I hope that the next month continues this track.

I guess my point in writing all this is to ask you how the first two months of 2010 have treated you.  I have a list of blog posts to write as I had two rather big days this past weekend and I know you all want to know about them…LOL!  I also have a post coming on family as it will be one year ago this Wednesday that my father died.  And, thanks to Kristen at Motherese, there may be a post coming on potty training.

Were January and February all you had anticipated?  Is March winding up to be a busy month?  How is your year going so far?

8 thoughts on “March? Already? Really?

  1. It is scary how fast time flies!! Spring is finally coming! I haven’t updated that March calendar yet! EEEP!! The calendar always sneaks up on me! I rushed around this morning trying to figure out who had to be where and what is going on this week! Sheesh!!! You’d think I’d learn! LOL!

    I’ll bet that you are pumped about your run! That is awesome! I was out this past beautiful Saturday for a 35 KM bike ride. It was amazing! It was funny, we passed a guy riding his snowmobile in the fields! Only in Alberta can you be riding your bike and the fields still have snow!! I love it here!

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder that it’s March already! I’d better get my butt in gear!

    1. Ah, we can be out on our bikes – or in my case, on my legs – with snow still in the fields.

      March is filling up fast and I am thinking that I have way too much on the calendar!!!

  2. January+February=Freakshow. I’m sooooo glad they’re over. And not to be a downer, but March cannot be done soon enough for me, either. I’m looking towards April!

    Good luck with your half-marathon! I’m so impressed!

    1. Thanks, TKW. Hope you get through the xrays with stepson okay. I sublocated my tailbone in 93. Two weeks of bedrest on very good drugs with five kids. Was horrible!

  3. Well, I ruined my last couple months of being 49 by mentally preparing for my 50th birthday (this weekend) so I blew that big time. I set some “writers resolutions” that I have fallen woefully short of, though I seem to be keeping up with the blog. Not that it will ever get me published.

    Here’s to a better March!

    1. Because I am sure I will forget – Happy Birthday! I will celebrate my 50th next year (maybe a day or two before or after the true date if I have my way).

      I expect fewer blog posts – though I will miss them – and more working on that writer stuff!

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