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It’s Official

Friday evening I got the news. I had applied to be an “official” – sometimes I love quotation marks – #RunChat blogger. I have realized that this blog is getting to be more and more about my running so why not take the leap. The application process was fairly simple, as applications go. I even think I may have messed it up as I filled it out on my phone. I was heading to Twitter to find out how many followers I have but forgot to do that and get the number.

Anyway, I had already spent a good deal of time on Friday getting blog posts set up for the next week. I tried to change them to make this announcement on Monday but I just couldn’t get to it. Internet at home was spotty over the weekend. I was having issues doing it on my phone, despite the WordPress app. I figured I let the first two days of the week play out as I had already planned and bump my hump day post about packing for a race to Thursday (there’s a hint what you have to look forward to tomorrow) and let you all in on the good news today.

You will be able to find posts of mine – about running topics – at The #RunChat Blog. I will also list them on the where you can find me page here. My first post with three tips for new runners is up now. I hope you visit the #RunChat site often as there are four other fantastic “official” bloggers and I enjoy reading their writings so you will too.

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out #RunChat on Twitter on the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 8-9 PM ET.

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