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Packing for a Race

I would love to say that all the races I run are just walk out my door and I am there but that is seldom true. Even local races usually involve a short drive and me throwing extra “what if” clothing in the car.

Image the packing that took place two weeks ago as I was heading to my first trail race. Not only was it about an hour’s drive, approximately 40 miles, but the weather was not going to be good and I was not the one driving. I packed dry clothing for after the race – warmups, a tee, a windbreaker and my Birkenstocks – at the bottom of my Brooks Running tote. I then put on a tech tee shirt and my running skirt. My trail running shoes went on my feet after a pair of ankle socks made from microfiber so they dry pretty quickly. I put in a long sleeve tech shirt as the temps were suppose to drop. I also put in my Brooks Night Life Vest and my Nike jacket. I also put in my fuel belt. I have learned to not be dependent on others for my hydration.

At the race, I ended up wearing the long sleeve shirt over the short sleeve shirt and then put the vest on as a third layer. One of the other women I was traveling with wore my Nike jacket. The thinking ahead and packing carefully was a good thing.

Now on to packing for a weekend race away from home. I am getting pretty good at this as I tend to run big races away from home. Every marathon I have run has involved overnights somewhere. I pack, especially in the fall – a lesson learned from Wineglass Marathon 2011, almost everything I own. The weather may look good when I go to leave but it will turn, undoubtedly, either on the way or the morning of the race. I started thinking about what I was going to pack to take to the Runner’s World Half during a run a couple weeks ago. I am still not totally packed but I know I will be by tonight as I am leaving Friday morning for the weekend.

Do you have to plan to pack for races, regardless of how much travel is involved?

2 thoughts on “Packing for a Race

  1. One tip I could offer about packing or even getting your race kit ready is to have a list. I use my smartphone to keep this list so that I can keep checking it race after race. The more I race, the more I optimize that list and then I don’t have that sinking feeling as I head out the door if I forgot to pack something! It might take a few races to fine-tune your list but once you do, it makes packing much easier and quicker!

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