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No Longer a Virgin

I know. The title is leading. As I have said many times, I have six children so the whole virgin thing passed many years ago. But now I am no longer a trail virgin.

On October 6, I went with Patty and Christine to run the Danby Down and Dirty 10K. There was a 20K also but I think 6.2 miles is enough for a first time. I had yet to even get to a trail to take a short run prior to this race.

I kept meaning to get out on the trails. #RunChat had two trail challenges that should have been enough to inspire me but I didn’t manage to do either of those. I did, though, keep those in the back of my mind as I saw a Facebook post from a friend who is a trainer. She had a client that wanted a partner – not even someone to run with her but more to share the ride – for the 10K trail race. I literally, once I was sure she was doing the 10K, jumped at the chance.

The race was held on parts of the Finger Lakes Trail. The trail – my mother is use to trails like they have in California where the pathway itself is paved – was marked with blazes on trees. Since I spent two years in the Adirondacks getting a forestry degree, I am use to looking for different color blazes. Add to that the rain that came down the night before and the morning of, including during the race, the trail was – at most points- easy to follow as it was a muddy mess. It was also leaf covered, wet leaf-covered. There was some good elevation change both up and down hill.

I ran a good portion of the trail but there were portions that I felt it best to walk through. I did not want to face plant on my first trail run. I was also a tad bit skeptical. Bow season had started in the Southern Region of NY on October 1 this year (a change from past years) but I am sure Ithaca is in a different region as no one would be out in the woods – and this was woods – during hunting season.

I loved this trail. I have to admit that I am looking forward to spring as I want to do more trail running. There is a 5K that has one mile of trail and the rest through the streets (trail is part of a town park). I am going to do this at the beginning of November.

Now that I have run my first trail run, I am longing for number two.

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