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Running Capris: A Product Review of Sorts

I will admit. When I first started running, I thought of myself as a sort of purist. It was either run in shorts or run in tights. There was no in between, no compression gear. I looked at women in much better shape than my 6 baby body was and couldn’t understand why they were wearing capris. It wasn’t cold out.

That all changed last weekend with my first trail race (a separate post). I had, about two weeks before, bought a pair of active wear capris from Old Navy. They are wicking and compression and comfortable. Since the purchase, I have worn these wonderful things four times. Fall is definitely capri weather in Upstate NY.

I cannot believe it took me almost five full years to decide that capris were a great thing to run in. I feel like all those previous fall runs that were cold could have been comfortable. Sometimes, thinking you are doing what’s right is not always what is right. I should not have seen capris as not being running gear. Now that I have found them, I am never turning back. Those chilly fall and spring runs are going to be fantastic. As a matter of fact, I am heading to Old Navy to buy a second pair.

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