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Donations Welcome

Not often do I plug a cause by asking for donations. This cause, though, gets my time and I would like it to get your money (it gets my money also).

A while back one of the teachers at my high school – you would think I was still in school, not on the board, right? – tried to get help for a few local families by trying to join a backpack food program run through a local food bank. The waiting list to get on was a lot of time, particularly when dealing with hungry children. She decided to take the matter in her own hands.

Born at that time was the M-EALS program – Maine-Endwell Assisting Local Spartans. From the district website:

The district recognizes that many of its families are facing tough economic times. The program will help supplement the nutritional needs of families over the weekend and during holiday breaks, when children aren’t receiving their breakfast and lunch at school.

The goal is to maintain a district food program that is functional and sustainable over time. The program is fully funded through donations. No school district funds are used for this program.

The program feeds approximately 60-80 families this year. The number will vary. The food, unlike the backpack program that is sent home with students in backpacks – hence, the name, is delivered to doors by volunteers every Friday.

Here comes the ask! Can you all tell I was in sales in another life? If you live in Broome County, you can direct your United Way donations. M-EALS is an option. If not, you can send donations directly to the program. Please help if you can.

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