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The Holidays Are Coming!

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! As we all know, the holidays are coming. Thanksgiving, as I write this, is about a week away. I am diligently inviting friends and family. I am developing a menu. I am getting ready. And then, it hit me. The holidays are coming. I can play Christmas… Continue reading The Holidays Are Coming!

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Fall Running in Words

No Wordless Wednesday here. Fall running in upstate NY can be beautiful. It can also be pretty ugly as the weather turns rather quickly here. Today was a typical fall run here. Below you will find what I mean, painted in words, not photos. You know it is a fall when running includes: Geese flying… Continue reading Fall Running in Words

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My Thoughts on the NYC Marathon

I am a runner. I am not running the NYC Marathon. I would love to run that marathon some day but, even if I was registered, I would not run the NYC Marathon this year. In September of 2011, my area was hit by flooding. These were very severe floods. I was looking to run… Continue reading My Thoughts on the NYC Marathon

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Online Learning

What do you think about online learning? Colleges have been utilizing online resources for years. Many are better known for their online courses than their brick and mortar location. Some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as Stanford, allow people to take any course online for free (no degree). I’ve taken online… Continue reading Online Learning