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Election Day 2012

Today was my ninth time voting for President of the United States. It never grows old. I love the ability to go to a place, the same place my neighbors go, and cast my ballot.

When I started voting, NYS was using lever voting machines. Now, NYS is using a scantron sheet that is fed through a reader. There is no more pulling a big red handle that makes the curtain close around the voter. There is no more pushing a lever down to cross over the person you are voting for. There is no more secrecy.

Okay, so you go to a quarter of a table with really tall dividers and mark your bubble sheet. No one can really see what you are doing unless they are looking over your shoulder. Then, you personally take your sheet and feed it into the reading machine. No one else touches your ballot but there is something about a curtain around you, taking your child into the actual booth with you. Now, I watched, on television, those who had young children with them at the polls as they struggled with their child and filling in the sheet.

Things change. One thing remains the same. Voting is a privilege and it is a privilege that should be exercised with each election and with an informed mind.

4 thoughts on “Election Day 2012

  1. Nicki–my dad used to go at 6:00 a.m. in Lounsberry, go into a machine, and pull and push every lever to make sure they worked before he actually voted his ticket. Miss him on days like today.

    1. I know what you mean, Pam. My sister’s husband is almost 40 & voted for the first time today. I am so proud of him. Pretty sure my father didn’t realize this when he was alive.

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