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Fall Running in Words

No Wordless Wednesday here.

Fall running in upstate NY can be beautiful. It can also be pretty ugly as the weather turns rather quickly here. Today was a typical fall run here. Below you will find what I mean, painted in words, not photos.

You know it is a fall when running includes:

  • Geese flying south in a V formation while you are running north … alone
  • Smelling a wood stove burning to heat one of the houses you are running past
  • Having to stop for a garter of turkeys to cross the road
  • Finally seeing your shadow as the sun peeks through only to still be seeing your breathe as you breath
  • Wondering how long there will be a shoulder to get out of the way of traffic on since once snow comes, the shoulder disappears
  • Getting pelted with acorns and acorn tops from renegade squirrels in maple (just not right) trees
  • Slipping on very wet leaves as you run
  • Slipping on tree branches down from recent winds
  • Slipping on those acorns that the squirrels have deemed un-storable for winter
  • Knowing that the sky looks like snow, not rain
  • Knowing the wind is from the north not by the direction it is blowing out of but by how cold it is
  • Ears being a little sore because you haven’t worn your Ear Bags in months
  • Wondering constantly if your gloves have fallen out of your waistband as you were running – no pockets to put them in

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