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Relationships and Communication

I don’t know about you but honesty is at the top of my relationship must-have list. I want to be able to live my life honestly and talk about it with that special someone. At times, honesty can be blunt and may hurt a little but it is, after all, the best policy, right? Honesty… Continue reading Relationships and Communication

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Fall Running in Words

No Wordless Wednesday here. Fall running in upstate NY can be beautiful. It can also be pretty ugly as the weather turns rather quickly here. Today was a typical fall run here. Below you will find what I mean, painted in words, not photos. You know it is a fall when running includes: Geese flying… Continue reading Fall Running in Words

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When will we listen?

I suppose the actual title of this entry should be when will they listen, not we, as I did listen. I am concerned that the “they” in this matter did not. Here is the situation. There are high school aged girls singing in the adult choir at the Catholic church. This is after the local… Continue reading When will we listen?