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When will we listen?

I suppose the actual title of this entry should be when will they listen, not we, as I did listen. I am concerned that the “they” in this matter did not.

Here is the situation. There are high school aged girls singing in the adult choir at the Catholic church. This is after the local diocese has put into effect what they feel is a training program to deal with the possibilities of sexual abuse. A new member joins the choir. This member is male. The high school girls have uneasy feelings about this person. He shows up at high school sporting events where one of the girls is a member. He sits directly behind the bench. The girl begins to feel even more uncomfortable around this man. Two of the girls approach the head of the music group. After discussion with the preist, the head of the music group tells the girls just not to be alone with the man.

This was three to four years ago. The uneasy feeling did not go away when the girls went to college and came home. They would be sure both were going to be singing in the choir or neither would go. Today I read in the local paper that the man was charged yesterday with three felony sex charges.

When will we listen?

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