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My Thoughts on the NYC Marathon

I am a runner. I am not running the NYC Marathon. I would love to run that marathon some day but, even if I was registered, I would not run the NYC Marathon this year.

In September of 2011, my area was hit by flooding. These were very severe floods. I was looking to run my last 20 miler the weekend after the floods hit. I ran out one way from my house. I couldn’t get more than three miles. I headed home and out again in another direction. I could get even less distance. I could not make it to Ithaca to run a 10 mile race and then do the loop again. I could not get the miles in where I lived. I decided to stop trying. I went and helped a school group do laundry for flood victims. I helped with laundry for over a week – running to the laundramat to get miles in.

My point is I know the damage flooding can do. Now, let me tell you why I would not run the NYC Marathon this year even if I was registered. To run a local 20K race (I’ve fun this race twice and volunteered at it once), the race director needs volunteers and needs police to help with road closures and issues. To run a 26.2 mile race through a major city, the number of volunteers needed is in the thousands. The number of public works employees that need to help and police and medical volunteers boggles the mind, at least my mind.

Take those volunteers and put them towards recovery items that are needed. Have those volunteers help the elderly who have no power. Have those volunteers help wash laundry that is full of flood waters. Have volunteers work at a food kitchen. Do not stress already thin resources by adding an additional 40,000 people to the city.

The above is my opinion and only my opinion. I am most likely in the minority as I know that those registered for this race want to run it after training for months. Many say hosting the marathon is a way to get back to normal. I wrote this on Thursday night to go live Friday morning and the local news used this issue as their Friday question on Facebook. I wish all running it fast times!

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the NYC Marathon

  1. I live in Syracuse and just came across your blog through twitter. We have run a lot of the same races! I agree with you, I think the last thing that NYC needs is a marathon right now. Taking even one police officer or firefighter away from clean up efforts I think is unfair to those who live in the city without power or heat right now.

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