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My Thoughts on the NYC Marathon

I am a runner. I am not running the NYC Marathon. I would love to run that marathon some day but, even if I was registered, I would not run the NYC Marathon this year. In September of 2011, my area was hit by flooding. These were very severe floods. I was looking to run… Continue reading My Thoughts on the NYC Marathon

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First of the Lasts

On September 12th, four days later than originally thought, the first of many lasts started at my home.  My youngest child started his last year of high school.  Yes, number six is a senior in high school.  Days not consist of reminding him of not only homework but also college applications, job applications and test… Continue reading First of the Lasts

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Water, Water … Everywhere!

My area saw over nine inches of rain in April.  I believe the average April rainfall is between three and three and a half inches.  Rainfall for 2011 is almost three times average and a good deal of that fell last week.  To help those of you understand what it looks like when that much… Continue reading Water, Water … Everywhere!