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First of the Lasts

On September 12th, four days later than originally thought, the first of many lasts started at my home.  My youngest child started his last year of high school.  Yes, number six is a senior in high school.  Days not consist of reminding him of not only homework but also college applications, job applications and test prep.


Unfortunately for number six, this day came later than originally scheduled due to record flooding.  He was scheduled to begin his first day on September 8th when he would have reported for his BOCES placement.  School was closed September 8th and 9th due to road closures and flooding.  Along comes the weekend, receding waters and school begins on Monday.  This must have been very odd for teachers as school in NYS always starts on a Wednesday.


While the area is not anywhere near back to normal, a tad bit of normalcy has returned with the start of school. Children have some schedule in their lives.  School is not 100% normal as there are currently no after school activities but that will come also.


Good luck to all those students for the new school year!

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