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Goal Time

I know that goals not put in writing are just dreams.  Next Sunday’s marathon is not a dream but an actual race so my feelings are I need to put some goals down in writing.


By this time next Sunday, I will have started my second marathon.  I have never run Wineglass before but have been to the race twice.  While there are some slight changes to the course this year – and the relay is gone, having been replaced with a half marathon – I am familiar with where I am going to be running.  You can see my photos from the past two years and my thoughts: 2010, 2009, and thoughts on running.


The good news is that Wineglass is a local marathon. Many people will think this makes running it easier.  I am thinking it actually makes running it harder.  With my first marathon – a destination marathon of sorts, I got away from home. I had kids who came with me and helped. I didn’t have to worry about the day to day pieces of life as I was not at home.


Enter Wineglass. The expo is Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday with the race on Sunday. The start is approximately two hours from my home with the busing location about an hour and 15 minutes from home. Friday I have a 6:30 pm dinner meeting so my initial plans of a Friday packet pick up have been pretty much ruled out. Saturday, my son has his SATs in the morning. My other son is home from college for a break and needs to be taken back to Oneonta for a Sunday morning work shift. There is no escaping life with the marathon close to home.


Now, on to the goals.  My training has been going well. In August, I ran two half marathons as part of my training plan. These were ten days apart and very different in terrain and topography.  I cut two minutes off my best time with each run. Then, September happened. We had hurricanes and tropical storms influencing our weather. The week of my last 20 miler roads were closed all around me. It was near impossible to get 20 miles in between the missing pieces of highway and the weather.  While I am not as prepared as I wish, I am ready.


My A goal is to finish in 5 hours and 30 minutes or less. I can do this but it will be a stretch.


My B goal – and probably not a stretch but very realistic – is to finish the marathon in under 6 hours.


My C goal – as it is for any race I start – is to finish.


I have a plan.  I just have to remember to run to my plan and not get caught up in the race.

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