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September 22nd, 2011

I was hoping to go to bed. I was attempting to be ignorant of news and world events. The area I live in had just been through a 100 year flood, the second time in five years. I was happy to be ignorant.  Unfortunately, I turned on CNN or MSNBC or some other 24 hour news channel. I was seeing that there had been a delay in an execution in Georgia.


Since I had a board of education meeting that evening, it was well past 8 pm when I turned on the television. The execution was originally scheduled for 7 pm ET. There was not a stay of the execution. The state was delaying it so, if it so chose, the Supreme Court could order a stay.


Why did this particular event, to take place in Georgia, catch my attention? News was saying that many, seven to be exact, of the witnesses that had original testified that Troy Davis had murdered an off-duty police officer had recanted their testimonies. Davis had been on Georgia’s death row for over a decade. Four hours after the originally scheduled time, the state of Georgia did execute Troy Davis.


My problem is why. If there is some doubt that the original trial was not valid, why execute a man?  Are we God? Can we take a life? I know many who would quote the Old Testament in saying an eye for an eye. Unfortunately, I believe in a God that gives second, third and fourth chances. I believe in a God that forgives, even when we mere humans cannot. It is not society’s job to act as God and take a life. There is no way to justify killing someone.


I probably would have let this execution, along with others that happened last week, go without any notice. Then I read a blog piece by Alex at Late Enough. We should all voice our concerns, if we have them, over a government that thinks killing a person – a member of its society – is the way to curtail murders.

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