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Running Love

This post may be becoming an annual thing. Last year I posted “10 Things I Love About Running.” This year I am reprising it but in a new manner. Thanks to for the call for these types of posts and to all those sponsoring the contest. There is only one reason I truly love running.… Continue reading Running Love

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It’s Official

Friday evening I got the news. I had applied to be an “official” – sometimes I love quotation marks – #RunChat blogger. I have realized that this blog is getting to be more and more about my running so why not take the leap. The application process was fairly simple, as applications go. I even… Continue reading It’s Official

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The Harvest is Plentiful

From an outside window looking in, the big item missing from many food programs is fresh food.  Because of the perishable nature of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is hard to get them in food programs.  Enter an elementary school leadership program and the enterprising teacher who knew a garden could provide many lessons for… Continue reading The Harvest is Plentiful

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What is Community?

Community! We all live in one but do we have other communities that we are a part of?  I know I belong to many different communities.  I frequently wonder what makes community and how hard it is to keep a community together. I am a member of the “running” community.  A lot of the runners… Continue reading What is Community?

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Not Being Connected

We talk about how the internet has made this huge world seem so much smaller.  We talk about how we connect with each other over broadband, fiber optics or whatever.  The question will always remain:  What about those people who are not connected? You probably can think about one or two people that you know… Continue reading Not Being Connected