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Not Being Connected

We talk about how the internet has made this huge world seem so much smaller.  We talk about how we connect with each other over broadband, fiber optics or whatever.  The question will always remain:  What about those people who are not connected?

You probably can think about one or two people that you know who fit this description.  These people may have any number of reasons why they are not as connected to other people as you or I are.  They may have problems with social interaction.  They may be shy.  They may just be people that do not like people.  They be older and feel they are no longer useful to society.  Whatever the reason, bring these people in.  Give them a connection!

In my small, local area, there was a recent reminder of why we should connect to others.  I do not think that connectedness would have saved the life of a young middle schooler who died over a year ago but it might have.  No one knows for sure.

Shawn Munck was sentenced yesterday for the killing of his 12 year old brother Peter.  Shawn is now 23.  The murder/manslaughter took place in February of 2008.  Shawn was not connected to the community.  He had been visiting his grandmother, the grandmother who took care of Peter and with whom Peter lived.  The grandmother had to go in the  hospital for surgery and felt that she could leave a 12 year old with a 22 year old.

I would not have had any doubt that this would be okay.  I have left my youngest with my oldest many times.  There is ten years difference between these two of my children.

Unfortunately, there was some rough housing or an altercation of some sort.  The younger brother was stomped on, then left to bleed internally to death.  The older brother did not attempt to seek medical care for his younger sibling.

Several days later, a relative came to check on the two of them and found the younger Munck dead.  If there had been more connectedness to the community, is it possible that a young boy would be alive today?  No one knows for sure but realize that humans need to be connected, connected to family, to friends, to community, to others.


6 thoughts on “Not Being Connected

  1. That story totally broke my heart last year when it happened. I see so many kids come in to the school where I work and it seems like some just have to fend for themselves in so many ways!

    1. JenLo – When it happened, I didn’t react. I was in shock I think. I could not believe something like this could happen here. It breaks my heart.

  2. I won’t begin to speculate on how the tragedy you speak of could ever happen, but I do believe, and deeply, that there is something incredibly important about connections and connectedness. I think each and every one of us needs a net of people whom we know and trust to fall back on in hard times. Recently, I have been thinking about all of the species of connections we foster and enjoy in our lives and how important these connections are for our identities and our enjoyment of life.

    1. Aidan – I use to think I was strong and could go it alone. I know this is just a fallacy on my part and we do all need people. Who was it, Barbra Streisand, who sang “People who need people?” We all need each other!

  3. Nicki, I have to admit that I almost stopped reading when I read that there was a death – between family members – between brothers. And a child was killed.

    It has become much to painful to bear. These stories. Since I have had children. Since I have had three. Since my life has been defined so heavily by children.

    I feel great sorrow for the older brother. I have to believe that he could have been helped. Connected to something to prevent this from happening. The amount of loneliness he must have felt…

    1. Sarah – I knew this was a tough topic. I had heard the verdict a day or two ago. I could not touch it at first. I couldn’t think about it or whether I thought what happened to the older brother was right or wrong. Then, it dawned on me. The problem, or at least a portion of it, was the connectedness. WE have it but many do not.

      Thanks for struggle through and reading it.

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