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Halloween Memories

Being a mom, I have tons of memories of Halloween.  I was looking back through years of photos and the good memories that those photos brought back are amazing.  Unfortunately, some of the cutest Halloweens were ones that I don’t have pictures of but I still have the memories.   When my family was younger,… Continue reading Halloween Memories

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Flexibility and Change

I receive a “Healthy Reflections” email every day from  Today’s just hit home with me as a friend has been talking about change a lot lately.  Below is the quote that came with the reflection and the reflection itself.  Keep reading!  You will find my thoughts. How Well do You Roll with the Punches?… Continue reading Flexibility and Change

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Middle School Science Olympiad

I spent two days this weekend with other adults who are interesting in encouraging students to be comfortable with science and to want to work in science.  I admit I have always been a geek.  I love math and science.  I love learning more about science. Imagine my joy when child number 5 decided, in… Continue reading Middle School Science Olympiad