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Joie d’vie

Yesterday was a bad day.  I do not have many of them.  I pride myself on ALWAYS seeing the half full cup, regardless of what comes along in work or life in general.  Yesterday, I took a detour on the half full ride.


I am firmly back in my unrealistically optimistic life now.  It only takes one day like yesterday to make me realize many things.  I realize how wonderful my life truly is.  I realize how much I love my family and my friends.  I realize how good things are.  No one can take that away from me.


I feel cheated out of a day of my life by not letting go of the bad things that went on yesterday and by letting them bring me down.  We cannot get time back so when we allow others to influence us and our emotions and our days, we had best be sure they are influencing in a good way.  I let that slip yesterday and allowed a bad influencer in and paid for it by losing a day of joy and happiness.


We all need to find a way to bring the joie d’vie into our lives.  Whether this joy comes from exercising, cooking, just being with friends and family, we all need to be able to pull the joy out of ourselves and make it a part of our every day.

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