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I was reading a friend’s blog the other week about how we perceive life.  He took a very analytic and theory-based look at how we perceive our lives.  I have been thinking about this frequently but I have a slightly different outlook.


I can definitely say that the way we look at our lives is through a filter of our upbringing, our environment and our experiences.  I also want to say that we have to look at life – ours and others around us – from this own perspective.  If we do not and try to see our lives through someone else’s lens, we really don’t control our own lives.  We need to see things through our own lens to have any control over what goes on in our lives.


Seeing things through our own experiences and lens is not easy.  It often means we ask the questions “why” and “what if” frequently.  We do not simply accept what is going on without wondering why.  We do not accept what is going without seeing the other possibilities that could be happening or that could spring from a situation.


One reason this is not easy is because it requires you to think for yourself, to be an individual.  This is a scary prospect for many people.  Unfortunately, if we always stick with the known or given, we seldom grow and learn.  Going against the grain is a wonderful way to make something new happen.  Do not fear this but embrace it!


Creative people are known for this particular perception of life, for being sure they ask the “whys” and “what ifs” so that they can see the bigger picture or can see a different solution.  Just think of all the problems that could be solved if more people asked “why” and “what if.”

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